About Part Machine CO.

About Part Machine Co.

Part Machine Pouya Pishro Company located in Capital of IRAN started its business in the field of Material Handling Machinery specially Warehousing Equipment by the assist of professional managers and experts. One of the main field of activity is supplying Electrical Warehousing Equipment such as Electrical Pallet Trucks, Electrical Stackers, Reach Truck and Forklifts.

Our activities expanded day by day and our company entered to a new field of activity of supplying Traction Battery (Motive Powered Battery) and the related Chargers.

Now we are exclusive supplier of MIDAC – which is one of the best batteries manufacturer in the World -   traction batteries in Iranian market. And we are one the best Supplier of TVH Company- Which is the best forklift Spare Parts Supplier in the World - in Iran. Moreover we are supplying top rated brands of warehousing equipment in Iranian Market.
Part Machine Pouya Pishro Company is so optimistic to expand its business day by day to best meet of Iranian manufacturer needs.


Address: No.17, 5th Sanaye’ Alley, Zagros Industrial Zone, Shahr-e-Qods, Tehran, Iran

Foreign Commercial Department

Tel: +98-21-46818195 (EXT.103)

Fax: +98-21-46802048

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Instagram: part machine pouya pishro

Telegram: @partmachinepouyapishro

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آدرس: تهران، کیلومتر 16 جاده مخصوص کرج، کیلومتر پنج جاده شهریار، شهرک صنعتی زاگرس، خیابان صنایع، صنایع پنجم، پلاک 17

تلفن: 02166067000 - 02166067004

ایمیل: info@pmpco.ir

نمابر: 02166003695


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